Emerging Trend: Dark Mode Websites

With the recent launch of “Dark Mode” on Apple macOS and iOS devices, will the return to the dark side online be a growing trend within 2021?

In the past, dark websites were a trendy design style that eventually fell out of style with the popular modern, bright, and colourful websites we know well today. The contrast on black background websites was often noted as hard to read or too contrast heavy. Moving into 2021, with the resurgence in bright neon pops of colour and retro fonts, dark mode is the perfect companion to bring these compelling designs to life. With the recent rise in popularity in dark mode on devices, developers are beginning to return to darker website designs to align with their user’s system preferences.

Similar to the dark websites of the past, theme toggles were another feature that many websites offered that seemingly faded in popularity over time. We’re predicting a rise in the return of both theme toggles and dark mode, allowing users in 2021 to toggle their web experience to match their device mode. Some brands are already adopting these practices and we may even see the ability to automatically toggle the user’s web experience based upon their device or browser preferences in the near future.

Dark Mode on Apple iOS

Spotify, which has long embraced the dark design does not offer a lighter colour scheme version of their website or application. Their web application embodies the characters noted above of the complimentary bright colour pops contrasted by the dark theme. Shopify looks great on all devices in either dark or light mode, a testament that the dark mode app and web interface can work well in our modern digital age.

More recently we’ve seen Google Chrome, one of the internet’s most used web browsers, add a built-in toggle to “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” indicating that dark mode websites are on the rise.

We are looking forward to watching the dark mode popularity and trend grow in 2021 and will always be responsive and adapting to growing and changing trends!